Endometriosis affects nearly 10% women of reproductive age, but he average time between onset of pain and diagnosis is nearly 7 years. 30 to 50% of women with endometriosis are infertile. Women with endometriosis report poorer quality of life in aspects of mental role limitation, social functioning, vitality, productivity loss and bodily pain. Because of taboos surrounding menstruation, sexual problems, and pain, many women are embarrassed to talk about edometriosis.

'Pain' and 'uncertainty' is the most common keywords for the disease by the women who experience it.

At Diagnostrix, we work hard to improve the lives of these women.

Access to early diagnosis and effective treatment of endometriosis is important, but is limited in many settings. World Health Organisatioin acknowledges the need for more research and awareness to ensure effective prevention, early diagnosis, and improved management of the disease.

ENDIMETRIX is an innovative solution that can detect endometriosis within 15 minutes, without the need of surgical procedures and delays. Proprietary paper strips are exposed to saliva sample and a color change reaction indicative of presence/absence of endometriosis is observed. „A mobile application reads the color response and transmits it to a server certified to transmit secure data to a doctor.

ENDIMETRIX will allow early endometriosis detection and immediate symptom management, reducing the time needed for diagnosis from 7 years to a few minutes, preventing complications.